Artist Survive Office DoOdles Create 20 daily Struggles comics

Even though many people are now in self-isolation, there are still many identifiable situations that we continue to share. Since many of us juggle family life and work in these rare circumstances, it is good to remember that you are not the only one who is not handling it perfectly or who does not have it all figured out.

Shilpi Samson is an Indian artist who makes comics fun but identifiable with everyday situations under the name “Survive office doodles”. The artist has been doing comics for about two years and has an Instagram account with over 21k followers.

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Every day, Shilpi receives messages from her followers telling them that they look forward to these daily portions of life because they make them smile, feel touched, or just a little less alone. Shilpi mentioned that at first, her comics started as squiggles that would let her escape the monotony of a 9-5 corporate job (hence the name), but today, it seems the artist has a noble mission to enliven the people and make them smile using their talent and creativity.




Over some time, we have grown into a very supportive community where many of the followers feel free to share their experiences and sometimes I attract them too. It also gives me immense satisfaction and motivation to keep drawing when I am people tell how they relate to my doodles, which made them smile and made them feel a little less alone. I think that’s the point of creating art.




Being an artist is not easy: one can easily find a lack of inspiration, exhaustion, etc., so we wanted to ask the talented illustrator about her ideas for comics.

Most of my comics are based on my personal life experiences. These doodles were also a way of expressing my feelings about the different things that happened in my life. However, now that I’ve started making them, I’m also still getting suggestions from friends and the SOD community on what they’d like me to draw next based on their experiences, and this makes it even more fun.














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