20 Comics about the Girls Struggles by The Survive Office Doodles

The struggles of girls can be different depending on age, background, and personal experiences. But we are talking about teenage girls. When they grow up, they face different types of struggles, such as societal pressures and unrealistic beauty standards, which can lead to body image issues and low self-esteem. Also, many girls feel pressured to excel academically and worry about failure. In order to show such situations to people all over the world, we are about to present Survive Office Doodles.

Before going to the collection of comics area, let’s discuss the artist first. The artist behind this comic series is a female artist. She is the artist from India who joined the Instagram platform in 2019. The artist describes herself in her Instagram bio as an artist who makes doodles in order to spend her free time in office meetings. Due to this, her comic series got the name Survive Office Doodles. Now, she has 44,000 followers.

If we talk about what type of content she makes, then we are pleased to tell you that she makes comics on friendships, navigating romantic relationships, and dealing with pressure, which can be emotionally challenging. She also captures the physical changes associated with puberty, which can be confusing and embarrassing for some girls. But the ultimate goal is to raise awareness and make all the girls feel relatable.

Credit: Survive Office Doodles

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#1. Dresses with pockets

#2. Life of a Girl

#3. Never Mind


#4. Visiting Mom

#5. Girls can feel this

#6. Learn to drive


She says that some girls may feel pressure to fit in with a certain group or act a certain way to gain social acceptance. The artist’s main reason for creating comics on such themes is that many girls find strength and empowerment through friendships with other girls and supportive communities. Her main target is helping girls grow up because she wants to help them explore their identities, interests, and passions.

#7. During shopping

#8. Boyfriend t-shirts are the comfiest

#9. Patience is the key


#10. Date Night

#11. Today is my cheat day

#12. The Struggle is real


Because she believes that doodling is a natural way of conveying feelings, the artist explores her passion for doodling. Doodles are more than just sketches on the notebook margin. They have the ability to laugh and promote our own situations in daily life. Our drawings usually express our emotions, whether they are joyful, depressed, or simply bored. It can be both comforting and humorous to see our feelings captured in these simple drawings.

#13. Hair Problems

#14. Headphones Lover

#15. Two Types of Girls


#16. Instant Flat Belly

#17. Pimple Problems

If you are also a girl, then you can definitely relate to this blog. For more such content, you can visit our website’s home page. We have a variety of artists’s comics who make such content. So do not forget to visit them. You can also watch her earlier articles on Bored Comics by clicking here.

#18. Feeling Relaxed


#19. Weekends

#20. When you want to get fit but love eating

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