A Female Cartoonist Encapsulates the Challenges of Working Life in 20 Relatable Comics

Doodles have a remarkable ability to amuse us through their simplicity and spontaneity. Doodles are often created without a specific plan or goal in mind, which means they can take surprising and unexpected forms. This element of unpredictability can lead to amusing and quirky results that catch us off guard. Doodling allows our imagination to run free. When we let our minds wander and put pen to paper, we often uncover imaginative and whimsical ideas that amuse us.

Doodles are a natural outlet for expressing emotions. When we’re happy, sad, or even bored, our doodles tend to reflect those feelings. Seeing our emotions manifested in these simple drawings can be both cathartic and amusing. In order to make people laugh, we have another good collection of doodles. Take a cup of coffee and scroll down to the section below. If you want to enjoy more, then simply click here.

Credit: Survive Office Doodles

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#1. Every Weekend Plan

#2. Winter Fashion

#3. Late Night Things

#4. It Happens on Every Weekend

#5. Commercial vs Real Life

Doodles are not merely idle scribbles on the margins of notebooks; they possess the extraordinary power to amuse, inspire, and even provide a lifeline in mundane situations. One artist who has harnessed the magic of doodles to survive the doldrums of office life is Shilpi Samson, the creative mind behind “Survive Office Doodles.” With humor, creativity, and a keen eye for the absurdities of everyday life, Shilpi encapsulates the challenges of the professional world and draws doodles that turn the ordinary into something extraordinary.

#6. No, I’m not Hungary

#7. Fart Bubbles

#8. In Middle of the Night

#9. Yoga Expectations

#10. Buying Things From Store

It’s an art form that knows no boundaries, and Shilpi has taken it to new heights. What may begin as a simple sketch can evolve into a masterpiece that resonates with anyone who’s ever sat through a seemingly endless office meeting or embarked on the daily commute to the workplace. The genius of doodles lies in their ability to make us see the world differently, to infuse humor into the mundane, and to evoke laughter in the most unexpected places. She has an Instagram account with over 46,700 followers, which is a great way to get inspiration for your own doodles.

#11. Ever Experienced?

#12. Super Productive

#13. Different Styles

#14. Running

#15. Every Time

#16. Relatable

Office life can often feel monotonous and repetitive, but Shilpi’s doodles are a breath of fresh air. They encourage us to find joy in the routines that often go unnoticed and to appreciate the absurdities that come with professional life. They remind us that even in the most mundane situations, there’s an opportunity for amusement. In her doodles, viewers discover the beauty in the everyday and the strength in laughter, making the professional world just a little brighter and a lot more amusing.

#17. Awkward Situation

#18. Watching Movie

#19. How Adult Stage Goes On

#20. That’s True

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