A Teacher Turns Her Life into Relatable Comics That Can Amuse You (20 Comics)

When life hands you lemons, make lemonade. That’s exactly what Teacher Mojo Rose did when she decided to turn her experiences as a teacher into relatable comics that can amuse anyone. She is a teacher and artist who turned her life experiences into relatable comics. Her webcomic series “Summers Off Comics” depicts the daily struggles and humor of being a teacher, as well as other aspects of her life. The series started as a way for Mojo Rose to share her own experiences as a teacher in a fun and lighthearted way.

Her comics are popular among teachers and education professionals, but they are also relatable to anyone who has experienced the challenges of balancing work and personal life. Mojo Rose started her teaching career in 2012, and soon found that she had a lot of interesting stories to tell. She started creating comics about her experiences, and soon found that they were resonating with other teachers. She has 37,200 Instagram followers.

The “Summers off comics” series is filled with relatable moments for anyone who has ever worked in education. Mojo Rose uses humor and wit to capture the ups and downs of being a teacher, from dealing with difficult students to navigating staff meetings and parent-teacher conferences. But it’s not just teachers who can relate to Mojo Rose’s comics. Anyone who has ever worked in a job that involves dealing with people can find something to laugh about in her comics. Whether you work in customer service, healthcare, or any other profession where you have to interact with people, you’ll find something to relate to in Mojo Rose’s comics.

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Credit: Summers off Comics

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#1. You look weird

#2. Active shooter training

#3. Happy teacher appreciation week!

#4. Happy St. Patrick’s day

#5. Do you see it?

#6. Here you go

#7. Girl’s bathroom

#8. Safety plan

#9. Crush

#10. Sounds good

#11. Hmmmm?

#12. It’s just information

#13. Art museum

#14. Manddals

#15. Pajama day

#16. Restorative justice

#17. One last copy

#18. Night gown

#19. Sunday scaries

#20. Teacher tired

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