20 Times This Artist Shows Struggles Faced by Teacher in Teaching Chidrens Through her Comics

Teaching is a process in which one individual teaches or instruct another individual. Teaching is considered as the act of imparting instructions to the learners in the classroom situation. Similarly, today we are here to discuss about an artist who makes comics based on teachers.

The artist name is “Mojo Rose”. She was 20 years old when she was teaching. She was basically a teacher by profession before she started drawing comics. During teaching period, she faces many struggles like little kids sang songs about her bad lesson plans and hooting in the class. She was, very clearly, sleep-deprived. That’s why she started webcomic series known as “Summers off Comics”.

The main theme of her comics is based on the struggles which teacher and parents can relate. She has currently family of 37.2k fans on her instagram account. We have compiled some of her comics in the following section. In order to understand the whole scenario, must scroll down the section below.

Credit: Summers off Comics

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