Here are Long Comic Strips Based on Motherhood and Family (25 Drawings)

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Being a mother has its ups and downs, and creators of Instagram comics have shared their stories on the platform. Artist Stephanie Stalvey uses her Instagram account to portray real-life events and motherhood problems. She says being a mother is a journey that is full of unquestionable challenges as well as moments of pure joy. It’s an experience that’s both crazy and beautiful at the same time.


Her personal experiences as a mother of two have had a major impact on her artistic career and given her an original perspective on the challenges of motherhood. It is an emotion that only those can relate who have gone on this amazing journey. By creating comics on such topics, she is able to amass an audience of 38,300 followers on her Instagram account. You can enjoy her best comic strips in the next section.

Credit: Stephanie Stalvey

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#1. Awful Dreams

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Above all, she is a mother. She is a French writer and illustrator who holds two degrees, which include one in political science and one in digital communication. The artist started drawing amusing cartoons of her everyday life as a mother after having kids and during giving birth, and they are quite realistic.

#2. Cry it out

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She regularly illustrates her views with the emotional challenges of motherhood and struggles related to pregnancy. The artist discusses the feelings of shame, discomfort, and worry that many mothers experience yet are mostly afraid to talk about. Her approach promotes the normalization of these feelings and creates an accepting atmosphere for mothers.

#2. What a cutie

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