20 Stephan Pastis Comics Based on Animals with Human Personalities


Stephan Pastis is an American cartoonist and author best known for his hilarious comics. Pearls Before Swine is his syndicated comic strip that appears in over 800 newspapers around the world. It features a cast of animals with human personalities, with the main character being Rat, a cynical and sarcastic pig. The humor is often absurd, witty, and relies on wordplay. His comic strips are humorous and heartwarming.

He explored themes of friendship, perseverance, and the power of imagination. The artist has a law degree and practiced law for several years before pursuing his dream of becoming a cartoonist. He continued to draw on the side and eventually achieved success with Pearls Before Swine. He currently has an audience of 99,500 Instagram followers and 214,000 Facebook followers. You can check out his best comics in the next section.

Credit: Stephan Pastis

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#1. Leaving home


#2. Did not respond

#3. Have to order


#4. who are all these guys?

#5. Valid Concerns


#6. State Libraries

He launched this web comic in 1999. His comics show a cast of animals with distinct personalities. Rat, which is a cynical and sarcastic rat, is the central character. Pig is a naive and optimistic pig who is Rat’s best friend. Zebra is an intellectual and philosophical zebra. The goat is a grumpy and easily frustrated goat, as are various other animals with different roles.

#7. Social Media Accounts


#8. So hard to decide

#9. Big Deal


#10. Remain breathing

#11. Taco Stand


#12. To fly

#13. Wrongly


Beyond comics, he is also the co-writer of the Disney and movie adaptations, showcasing his storytelling abilities in a different format. His work has been recognized by the National Cartoonists Society with multiple awards for his comic strip Pearls Before Swine. By doing hard work, he makes his name in the world of comics. If you find this blog interesting, then don’t forget to leave a comment and share it.

#14. Genius Ideas

#15. Better reason


#16. To see my dad

#17. Merry Christmas


#18. Bloom County

#19. Avoid Buses


#20. Detective Cap

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