Here are 20 Clever Comics about Random Situations by Sskait Comics

“Life gives you lemons; make lemonade” is a popular saying that encourages […]

“Life gives you lemons; make lemonade” is a popular saying that encourages us to turn adversity into something positive or to make the best out of a difficult situation. Similarly, when you’re feeling sad or down, reading comics can be a way to find joy and brighten your mood. Just like the process of making lemonade involves transforming sour lemons into a refreshing drink, comics have the power to transform our emotions. When you’re feeling sad, diving into the world of comics can offer an escape.

Sskait Comics is a Filipino webcomic created by AJ Bacar. It is a slice-of-life comic that often features relatable and humorous situations. The comics are known for their simple yet expressive art style and their clever use of text. Allan Jeffrey is an independent comic artist and illustrator. Sskait Comics’ characters are relatable, and their witty dialogues add an extra layer of charm to the stories. His comics are a breath of fresh air, offering a delightful escape from the mundane into a world where anything can happen.

Sskait Comics is known for creating clever comics about random situations, often delivering humor and wit through their artwork and storytelling. Their comics cover a wide range of scenarios, from everyday life to fantastical adventures, making them enjoyable for a 64,300 audience. In moments of sadness or stress, comics can serve as a form of therapy, lifting our spirits and providing a brief respite from the difficulties we face. They remind us that no matter how tough things get, there’s always a way to find joy and laughter. If you’re looking for some entertaining comics, I’d recommend checking out Sskait Comics’ work online or in comic collections in the following section.

Credit: Sskait Comics

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#1. Old age

#2. Alone time

#3. Childhood


#4. Tough love

#5. Passed the exam

#6. Preliminary exam


#7. Whole course

#8. Who’s there?

#9. Chin up


#10. Innocent

#11. Skin Care

#12. Handled


#13. Management

#14. Strong woman

#15. Refill


#16. Celebration

#17. Dreams

#18. Can’t eat


#19. Funeral flower

#20. Rain

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