Here are 20 Quirky Comics by “SpaceBoyCantLol” who is a Fan of Superheroes


For a very long time, people have enjoyed reading comic books. The format has developed over time to now feature a variety of motifs and aesthetics. In recent years, “quirky” comics have grown to be one of the most well-liked subgenres of comic books, distinguished by their eccentric humor, unorthodox plots, and distinctive visual aesthetics. They tend to be brief and sweet, putting more of an emphasis on relatability and comedy than on complex plots or character development.

The webcomic serial SpaceBoyCantLol was created by an American cartoonist named “Mohit Srivastava,” who has been making comics since 2018. His minimalist style is characterized by vibrant colors and simple lines, and he frequently appears as the primary character in his comics. In his comics, which vary from everyday struggles to existential concerns, he frequently employs humor.

He is notable for the subtitles he employs. He frequently includes clever captions to go along with the illustrations, giving the cartoons an additional layer of humor. His comics are entertaining to read and share because of their witty captions and simple yet effective images. He has a devoted following of 39,700 people due to his distinct style and relatable content, solidifying his position as one of the platform’s most popular comic creators. Some of his best illustrations can be found in the following area, as well as some of his early posts on boredcomics (click here).

Credit: SpaceBoyCantLol

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#1. You bank account is hacked


#2. Can I take a picture?

#3. Valentines Day


#4. Please take out the trash!

#5. Heyyyy stop!


#6. Customers Reviews

#7. This is how to deal with devils


#8. Let’s do something spontaneous

#9. What are you doing?


#10. A face of bitch

#11. Send the payment


#12. No bed no dead

#13. Daddy’s home


#14. Thin crust lovers

#15. It’s just talcom powder


#16. He’s got your eyes

#17. My son is so cute!


#18. Which one do you like?

#19. We are gonna see mom


#20. No mask no entry

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