20 Space Boy Can’t Lol Comics About Super Heroes and Hilarious Jokes

Space Boy Can’t Lol is a web comic series created by an artist who goes by the same name. It was made by Mohit Srivastava, an American cartoonist who started his comics career in 2018. The artist loves to incorporate popular characters and superheroes into his works, since he defines himself as a huge fan of both. He is an artist well-known for his dark twists, unexpected endings, and silly humor.

His use of headlines makes him stand out. He usually adds witty captions to go along with the drawings, which adds a humorous touch to the drawings. His comics’ clever titles and simple but dramatic pictures make them enjoyable to read and share. The artist’s unique style and accessible content have established his status as one of the most popular comic writers on the platform, with 39,900 committed fans. The following section contains some of his best illustrations.

Credit: Space Boy Can’t Lol

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#1. Grab a coffee

#2. Hilarious

#3. Try Roleplay


#4. Let that Sink In

#5. What happened?

#6. Iron man


Since he was young, the artist has been passionate about the world of comic books. He is a huge superhero fan and has completely unique ideas, as you can see from the fact that in his drawings, our favorite superheroes and other characters from the popular imagination appear inside the comic strips, revealing their unexpected presence at the back of the scenes.

#7. Kitchen

#8. Ever think about birds?

#9. Movies


#10. My turn

#11. New Hairstyle

#12. Invisible man


#13. Fries

The artist claims that he carried out the idea after being challenged by his younger sister to make a comic page. There is a comic in his collection for every taste, ranging from humorous to dark and everything in between. If you find his comics funny as well, please remember to share and leave a comment. Here and here are links to additional of his comics.

#14. Holding on

#15. Ancient problems require modern solutions too


#16. Watch something else

#17. Money can buy you everything

#18. Why you shouldn’t eat an apple a day


#19. Free Shots

#20. Space mission

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