20 Herta Burbe Illustrations Will Make You Laugh Through One-Panel Humor

Many artists make people laugh through clever punchlines in their comics. But there are few artists who make people laugh through visual humor. One of them is Herta Burbe. She is a well-known Lithuanian cartoonist and comic strip artist who creates realistic and funny drawings. Every day, she creates fresh content, usually focusing on everyday happenings and strange thoughts that she crafts into amusing works.


Her emotional characters and smart puns highlight her artistic approach. The artist uses beautiful backgrounds as well as simple designs to keep the comedy and message of her artwork on display. She is a talented artist who is well-known for her realistic comedy. She has an audience of 16,100 Instagram followers. People all around the world routinely share and enjoy her comics. In the part that follows, let’s review some of her best comics.

Credit: Herta Burbe

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#1. Talk


#2. Hilarious


#3. Long line

#4. Get it


#5. Hiding from reality

#6. Headache


She mostly finds humor in relatable situations we all experience. The majority of the absurd ideas, according to the artist, came to her during conversations with colleagues. Later on, she combines those concepts into her comics with a lighthearted touch. The performer’s primary objective is to make her audience laugh with her smart puns and jokes. She always manages to make her audience laugh with her original illustrations.

#7. Laughing

#8. Mondays


#9. Toxic Relationships

#10. Painting


#11. Angry

#12. Bio Weapon


#13. Real Boy

#14. Staring


Her illustrations are known for capturing the quirks of life and transforming them into witty and charming comics that are sure to brighten your day. Please remember to click the share button on my website if you think her comics are humorous as well. You only need to click here and here to see more comics of this kind.

#15. Childhood

#16. Technology


#17. Mix of colors

#18. Feed me


#19. Trap

#20. Got Diabetes


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