A Colorful Dive into 20 Surrealist Comics For Dark Humor Lovers


Hey there, fellow art enthusiasts and comic lovers! Today, I’m super excited to dive into the vibrant and wonderfully weird world of Herta Burbe, an incredibly talented illustrator and comic artist hailing from Lithuania. Trust me, her work is like a rollercoaster ride through a world of quirks, humor, and a dash of darkness. So, who exactly is Herta Burbe? Well, imagine someone who weaves magic with their pen—she’s that person! Her art is all about making you chuckle, scratching your head, and sometimes making you ponder the deeper stuff in life.

What’s so special about her comics? Picture this: quirky characters with exaggerated features—eyes as big as saucers, noses that seem to have a life of their own, and expressions that can make you burst out laughing or pause and think, “Wait, what’s going on here?” Her style is bold, expressive, and bursting with colors that pop like fireworks in the night sky.

Credit: Herta Burbe

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#1. Ever Experienced


#2. Emotions

#3. Save Trees


#4. Flying Courses

#5. Relatable


What does she explore in her work? Ah, the themes she delves into are like a peek into a funhouse mirror, reflecting the absurdity of life. From poking fun at the everyday silliness we encounter to diving deep into the human experience—feelings of being out of place, the weirdness of it all, and even a little bit of poking at society’s quirks—she’s got her finger on the pulse of the human condition, alright?

#6. Hilarious

#7. Great Pearl


#8. Seasons

#9. Knock Knock


#10. Bed Setting

Oh, did I mention the touch of darkness? Yep, sometimes her comics venture into the shadows, adding that extra spice to her already eclectic mix. But fear not! It’s not all gloom and doom—there’s always a twist, a turn, or a hint of humor waiting just around the corner. What’s up with her style? Buckle up because her illustrations are like a whirlwind of creativity! Bold lines that make the characters stand out, colors that practically jump off the page, and those exaggerated features that give each character a unique personality!

#11. Size


#12. Hierarchy

#13. Wet Paint


#14. Noise

#15. Shall We?


Where can you catch a glimpse of her fantastic art? Well, if you’re a fan of visual treats, head over to her Instagram, where she’s got a whopping 16,100 followers soaking in her awesomeness. Trust me, once you start scrolling through her feed, it’s hard to stop. In a nutshell, Herta Burbe isn’t just an illustrator or a comic artist—she’s a magician who turns the ordinary into the extraordinary, the mundane into the quirky, and the serious into the laugh-out-loud funny. So, if you’re ready to take a colorful and surreal trip through the mind of an artist who’ll leave you both grinning and pondering, Herta Burbe’s whimsical world is the place to be!

#16. Guest

#17. Artist


#18. Photographed

#19. Planted the fields


#20. Earth

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