20 Times This Artist Draws Her Own Experiences as a Transgender Child




Experiences as a transgender child are uniquely shaped by the complex interplay of self-discovery, identity, and societal expectations. It’s a period marked by introspection and self-awareness, as young individuals grapple with aligning their true gender identity with the world around them. The journey is often characterized by the challenges of acceptance, understanding, and the importance of supportive environments. These experiences, while sometimes difficult, offer valuable insights into resilience, self-acceptance, and the significance of fostering inclusive and empathetic communities.

Credit: Sophie Labelle

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#1. Boys Can Cry Too

#2. Will do!

#3. Trans

#4. The right to know

One artist who has used her personal experiences as a transgender child to create meaningful and impactful art is Sophie Labelle. Sophie’s art is deeply rooted in her own journey as a transgender person. Through her comics, she candidly portrays the challenges, triumphs, and emotions she faced during her childhood and adolescence. By sharing her story through art, Sophie Labelle helps not only transgender individuals but also society at large to better comprehend the unique struggles and joys of growing up as a transgender child.

#5. Let kids be kids

#6. Public Bathrooms


#8. Public Speaking

#9. All Together Now

Sophie Labelle is a transgender Canadian cartoonist, public speaker, and writer. She is known for her webcomic Assigned Male, which draws upon her experiences as a transgender child. It is a fabulous webcomic and series of zines addressing issues of gender norms and privilege. It features the character of 11-year-old Stephie, a transgender girl discovering and embracing her gender. The comic has been published in several languages and has gained a significant following of 40,800 on her Instagram account.

#10. Let yourself be loved

#11. How dare you?

#12. Trans March

#13. That’s how it works

#14. Resist Apathy

#15. What that dream meant

#16. No Paper

Sophie Labelle grew up in rural Quebec, near Châteauguay. She worked as an elementary school teacher and was the camp coordinator for Gender Creative Kids Canada. She is also an actress, dancer, and singer. Sophie Labelle grew up in rural Quebec, near Châteauguay. She worked as an elementary school teacher and was the camp coordinator for Gender Creative Kids Canada. She is also an actress, dancer, and singer. Labelle’s work is a reminder that transgender people are normal and that they deserve to be treated with respect. She is a role model for many transgender people, and her work has helped to raise awareness of transgender issues.

#17. Trans Care

#18. Trans phobic

#19. Life in plastic, it’s fantastic

#20. Most trans people

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