Here are 20 Honest and Relatable Comics by Transgender Artist Sophie Labelle




Canadian transgender author and illustrator Sophie Labelle is well known for her hilarious and relatable Instagram comics. Sophie was born in 1987, raised in Quebec, Canada, and started drawing comics as a hobby in her early 20s. She came out as transsexual in 2014, but it wasn’t until then that her work was widely praised. In Sophie’s comics, transgender issues are depicted in a positive light and with humor.

In a society where transgender people frequently experience prejudice and marginalization, Sophie Labelle’s work gives the group a much-needed platform. Her gender-neutral characters frequently mirror her own experiences as a non-binary person. Her comics are intended to be relatable to people of all genders and sexual orientations and cover a wide range of subjects, including coming out, dating, and coping with transphobia. On Instagram, she presently has a massive 39,600 followers.

“Assigned Male,” a comic book series by Sophie that chronicles the exploits of a transgender girl called Stephanie, is one of her most well-known works. The transgender community has grown to love this series since it debuted in 2014. In addition to writing books and comics, Sophie has also written a graphic novel named “100 Crushes.” Many people find solace and inspiration in her comics, and her advocacy work has aided in promoting acceptance of transgender people all over the globe. Let’s look at some of her most current artwork.

Credit: Sophie Labelle

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#1. Doing it for them

#2. What could it mean?

#3. Guess what?

#4. It was never not our turn

#5. Allies

#6. Pay attention

#7. Give trans kids a chance

#8. Let kids be kids

#9. Stop pushing this agenda onto children

#10. A matter of safety

#11. Boys can

#12. Petty

#13. That’s for calling a trans character “Sirona”

#14. Torture

#15. A complex issue

#16. Let’s hear some love for autistic trans peeps!

#17. We are not less valuable for being trans

#18. The cutest doom bringer

#19. Believe trans youth

#20. Sure thing

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