20 SMBC Comics Based on Hilarious Puns and Clever Situations

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal (SMBC) is a web comic created by Zach Weinersmith. It is a daily comic strip that covers a wide range of subjects, such as pop culture, science, math, and philosophy. He is an expert at creating scenarios that are not only hilarious but also highly surprising. The comic strip is known for its wit, comedy, and often bizarre sense of humor.


American author, blogger, and cartoonist Weinersmith launched the SMBC Comics web comic series in 2002. The series has grown extremely popular since then. He has amassed 81,100 followers on Instagram due to his hard work. Popular for their sharp observations and clever humor, SMBC Comics has grown to be a beloved figure in the online community, with readers looking forward to each new comic.

Credit: SMBC Comics

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#1. Surprised nobody’s done this yet


#2. Deep Fake


#3. Robots

#4. Entire Planet


#5. Cool

#6. Unit


The comics deal with a wide range of topics, including politics, religion, science, and philosophy. Weinersmith is not afraid to address tough topics like abortion, gun control, and climate change, and he does it in a funny and interesting way. That’s why his comics are not for everyone. His comics are only understandable to those who enjoy dark humor.

#7. prayer

#8. Should be happy


#9. Wolf

#10. best of all


#11. Signed

#12. leader less movement


#13. victorians

His comics don’t have amusing characters or a set format, offering variety in both single-panel and multi-panel comics. He mostly shows everything from everyday life and relationships to complex scientific theories and philosophical questions. His comics are mostly based on wordplay, puns, and clever observations to make you laugh. For more enjoyment, you can read his earlier articles on our website by simply clicking here and here.

#14. cat’s paw


#15. war

#16. Control


#17. solidarity club

#18. kids


#19. Jump

#20. meaning


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