Here are 20 Dark Comics by “SMBC Comics” Full of Twists and Unexpected Endings




SMBC Comics, also known as Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal Comics, is a popular webcomic series owned by Zach Weinersmith. Weinersmith is an American cartoonist, author, and blogger who started the SMBC Comics webcomic series in 2002. Since then, the series has become incredibly popular, with over 64,700 followers on Instagram alone. Known for their witty humor and clever insights, SMBC Comics has become a beloved figure in the online community, with fans eagerly anticipating each new release.

The webcomic series is known for its satirical and often irreverent humor. The comics are usually short and simple, consisting of a few panels and a punchline at the end. The subject matter of the comics is varied, covering everything from science and philosophy to politics and religion. Weinersmith is not afraid to take on hot-button issues like climate change, gun control, and abortion, and he does so in a way that is both thought-provoking and funny.

His work is uncomplicated but powerful. His distinctive style is instantly recognizable, and he frequently exaggerates and caricaturizes his characters to add humor to the comics. As most of the comics are black and white or grayscale, color is used rarely, but this only serves to highlight the comic’s theme. His best 20 illustrations are collected in the section below. If you want to see these comics, scroll down to the section below.

Credit: SMBC Comics

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#1. My night is ruined

#2. No none of that

#3. We have never met

#4. Please humans not again

#5. Machine learning algorithms

#6. Free hugs

#7. The arts of love

#8. Research science

#9. Drink a thing or eat a thing

#10. Pour salt on that slug

#11. Kiss me!

#12. AI system is crap

#13. Men are not expressive

#14. That’s impossible

#15. A Platypus Skeleton

#16. Humans are natural born explorers

#17. How was your soup

#18. Waste of money!

#19. Fill my mouth with plastic

#20. GPS has destroyed

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