20 Skull Pizza Comics Based on Death and Dark Humor Situations

Fans of dark and humorous comics have come to the right place because we are back to discuss an Instagram account named Skull Pizza Comics. It is an Instagram account famous for its dark humor and death situations. It was created by a talented artist named Steven Lewis. He has 7,114 followers, and they eagerly await each new post. His comics are mostly about a special combination of creativity, humor, and dark situations.


Skeletons, ghosts, and other supernatural themes are mostly shown in his comics, which combine them with surprising and amusing situations. As a result, a unique take on the everyday and the fantastical is presented in a series of comics that are both funny and frightening. The humor in Skull Pizza Comics is used as a perfect combination to deal with such themes. Let’s take a look at some of his best comics.

Credit: Skull Pizza

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#1. Grim Reaper


#2. Breakfast


#3. Forever valentine

#4. Vampire


#5. Life with cat

#6. Godzilla Show


He claims that while his comedy may be sharp and aggressive, it provides a humorous reflection on fundamental subjects such as life and death. The main motivation to explore such topics is that he has been frightened of these situations since his childhood. In order to overcome these thoughts, he started creating comics as a hobby.

#7. Secret Santa

#8. Drag to hell


#9. Kid Fear

#10. Mortal


#11. Christmas

#12. Attacking


#13. All of them

#14. Mask


#15. Spirit

#16. Nightmare


While its dark humor and adult themes might not be for everyone, it could be an interesting discovery for those who enjoy dark and potentially offensive humor. If you are also a lover of dark humor, then you will definitely enjoy this blog. You can also enjoy some of his earlier posts on our website by simply clicking here and here.

#17. Costume

#18. Pumpkin


#19. Fear

#20. Need a potion


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