This Artist Draws Spooky Comics About Humorous Situations (20 Comics)




The Instagram platform provides a space for fans to engage with the artwork, expressing their appreciation. Skull Pizza Comics, an Instagram account that showcases creative and spooky illustrations, has become a favorite destination for fans of unconventional and humorous artwork. With its distinctive style and captivating content, this account, helmed by artist Steven Lewis, has garnered a dedicated following of over 5,620 fans who eagerly anticipate each new post. At the heart of Skull Pizza Comics lies a unique blend of spookiness, creativity, and humor.

Steven Lewis, the artistic force behind the account, brings a distinct vision to life through his illustrations. The visuals are characterized by eerie atmospheres, intricate details, and a touch of whimsy, creating a captivating world that combines elements of horror and comedy. The artwork featured on Skull Pizza Comics delves into the unconventional and the macabre, exploring themes that range from the delightfully bizarre to the darkly humorous. With each post, Steven captivates his followers, drawing them into a world where spooky meets funny.

Steven Lewis’s illustrations often showcase skeletons, ghosts, and other supernatural elements, juxtaposing them with unexpected and humorous scenarios. The result is a collection of comics that are simultaneously unsettling and entertaining, offering a unique perspective on the spooky and the absurd. The humor in Skull Pizza Comics serves as a counterbalance to the spooky elements. Steven Lewis cleverly infuses each comic with comedic moments and clever punchlines, offering a lighthearted and entertaining experience. Through their unique blend of horror and humor, the comics create a sense of delightful tension, leaving readers simultaneously amused and intrigued. Let’s take a look at some of his best illustrations.

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Credit: Skull Pizza

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#1. Dogs of war

#2. Wine enough at last

#3. Up my butt

#4. You win!

#5. April fools

#6. Crunch time

#7. That dook in your eyes

#8. Agents

#9. The great pumpkin

#10. That’s hilarious

#11. Burning

#12. Told me enough!

#13. Tiny font

#14. Slap!

#15. Interstellar

#16. Troop!

#17. Premarital

#18. At the door

#19. Fear!

#20. What?

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