20 Sir Beeves Comics Shows Her Daily Work and Relationship Life 

A lot of women attempt to maintain a balance between their personal and professional lives, balancing the responsibilities of both. This can be particularly difficult for those who work long hours. A woman can achieve more success in both her personal and professional lives by having a supportive partner who shares domestic responsibilities and is aware of her job goals. This is what Sir Beeves portrayed in her fabulous comics.

Sir Beeves is the Instagram account of a female artist who shows herself and how she manages her everyday tasks. She describes herself as a regular human with a secret double life as a comic artist. Her comics are always based on her daily life experiences and struggles. The artist claims that when work dominates a woman’s time and energy, it can be difficult to maintain healthy connections with loved ones. 

Credit: Sir Beeves

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Here are some of her best comics that perfectly capture her daily life routine:

#1. Recruitment Email

#2. Can’t open this

#3. Application Suspense


#4. Public Pool

#5. What is that?

The artist told us that she is also the graphic design producer when we asked about her work schedule. It depends greatly on the projects and timelines, according to her. She is attempting to implement a daily creative project work schedule from eleven in the morning to the end of the day in order to increase productivity. She does, however, occasionally begin work earlier or later in the day or finish tasks beyond midnight.

#6. Accidental Vocabulary Growth


#7. Goals

#8. Peak Comedy

#9. The Scariest Part of mystery Shows


#10. Night Mare

#11. Deficiency

The major characters, according to the artist, are inspired by personal experiences and real-life events. She began drawing during her vacation days. She has worked for a number of years and has been involved in a few situations. Some she has witnessed occur to coworkers. She has occasionally heard from others about events that occur at their place of employment. The artist has 1,010 Instagram followers.

#12. Government


#13. Pro Gamer

#14. Gaining Confidence

#15. Mysterious


#16. Pushing the limits

Her comics mostly capture the funny and frustrating aspects of everyday situations, like dealing with a demanding boss and the awkwardness of dating. Her comics show the funny perceptions of women in the workplace or in relationships. This can be refreshing and empowering for readers who can relate to such moments. For more such amusing articles, feel free to visit Bored Comics in detail.

#17. The shortest horror movie

#18. What’s up?


#19. Don’t give up

#20. Unsolicited Advice

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