20 Simon said Comics Full of Dark Humor To Tickle Your Funny Bone

Simon Said Comics is a very popular Instagram account that was created by an artist named Simon Johnson. He is the artist who claims to be passionate about drawing. After receiving a degree in animation from a university, he chose not to pursue the challenging requirements of the industry and instead turned his talents to comic adaptations. This allowed him to dedicate more time to creating original content rather than endlessly sketching the same panels.

He illustrates children’s books and instructional materials in addition to his own efforts. He continues on to say that since he was a young child, comic books have always been his interest. Rather than performing the duties assigned to him, he would make comic books for his school friends or take requests for drawings. Now that he’s an adult with responsibilities, he spends his free time drawing comics. As a result, he may connect with 1,523 followers on his Instagram account. Let’s enjoy some of his best comics.

Credit: Simon Said Comics

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#1. Fix Things

#2. Bloody

#3. Turning


#4. New Gadgets

#5. Challenging

#6. Stupid


This artist’s creative mind has become well-known for both his artistic ability and his excellent sense of humor. His comics have an attractive color scheme that draws the viewer in right away. His ability can be seen in the lovable and tragic characters that make his comics worth watching. Every panel has his own twist, which makes his fans watch comics until the last panel.

#7. Nice Fish

#8. Basement

#9. The Early Bird


#10. Aquarium

#11. Bee Bullying

#12. Birthday


#13. Learn to skateboard

He would regularly read children’s books and web comics to see the creations of others. It enhances his understanding of how to produce something that people want to see, which motivates him to launch his own initiatives and explore his ideas. He learns more about color theory and scene composition for his comics and illustrations by doing this. You only need to click here and here to view more of his comics.

#14. Complain

#15. Over Here


#16. Pronounce

#17. Silly Beetle

#18. Detective


#19. Lunch breakdancing

#20. Animal Zoo

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