20 Funny Comics That Often Feature Absurd Situations with Unexpected Twists

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If laughter is the best medicine, then funny comics with absurd situations and unexpected twists are the ultimate remedy for a bad day. These delightful strips invite readers into a world where anything can happen and hilarity reigns supreme. At the core of these comics is the element of surprise. Just when you think you’ve got the punchline figured out, the plot takes a wild turn, leaving readers in stitches. The art style complements the humor impeccably.


Simon Said Comics is a webcomic series created by Simon Johnson. It is a collection of short, funny comics that often feature absurd or unexpected twists. The comics are drawn in a simple, cartoony style, and they often feature puns or wordplay. Simon Said Comics delights in taking ordinary situations and turning them into extraordinary, laugh-out-loud moments. The artist’s keen eye for the absurdities of life allows them to find humor in the most ordinary of situations, turning the mundane into moments of comedic brilliance.

The artist graduated from university with a degree in animation, but the job demands were not suitable for him, so he decided to turn his funny stories and ideas into comics. With every post, Simon Said Comics creates a delightful escape from reality, reminding readers to embrace the joy of laughter and the joy of the unexpected. With their clever humor, unexpected twists, and delightful illustrations, they bring joy and smiles to the faces of their ever-growing fanbase. So, if you’re ready to embark on a journey of humor and delight, make sure to follow Simon Said Comics for a daily dose of hilarity and a reminder that laughter truly is the best medicine.

Credit: Simon Said Comics

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#1. Birthday bump

image 1488

#2. Hair grow

image 1492

#3. Birthday party

image 1493

#4. Pedal faster!

image 1494

#5. Some knights

image 1489

#6. This calls for a memory eraser

image 1490

#7. Hollow greek halls

image 1491

#8. Crystal ball

image 1495

#9. Monster

image 1496

#10. Important question

image 1498

#11. How the business runs

image 1499

#12. The flood of tears

image 1503

#13. Meal of my choice

image 1506

#14. This isn’t the newspaper

image 1508

#15. Best baker

image 1500

#16. Just watering my plants

image 1502

#17. Stop right there!

image 1504

#18. That’s so cool

image 1505

#19. That’s better

image 1507

#20. What’s that song?

image 1501

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