20 Silly Comics Full of Clever Situations by Elder Cactus

We’re here now to introduce you to Tim Lavoie, a new artist. His most well-known work is a series of bizarre and humorous comics under his own name, Elder Cactus. Elder Cactus’ comics provide much-needed joy and comedy. Their ability to find humor in the ordinary reminds us that smiles and a sense of connection can arise from even the most boring situations.

That explains why they have become such a popular personality on Instagram and other platforms. The artist has a unique ability to depict the craziness of everyday life in a humorous and silly way. He has gained more than 56,600 fans on Instagram by disseminating their unique brand of humor. His comics are a unique blend of fantasy, humor, and realistic real-life scenarios. In addition, his comics have inventive fantasy creatures and brilliantly imagined universes. Let’s take a look at some of his best comics.

Credit: Elder Cactus

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#1. Free Hug

#2. City Hall

#3. Text Messages

#4. Training

#5. Strong

#6. Mr. President

Basically, he is a successful comic book creator who dropped out of college. Despite that, he is perfect at capturing silly situations to make people laugh. He never fails to amuse his audience. His artwork is quirky and expressive, with a distinct charm. His comics are always worth watching.

#7. Dry Floor

#8. Descending

#9. Pregnancy

#10. Human Meat

#11. You Tube

#12. Bear Encounter Guide

#13. Town

The artist does a fantastic job of developing the story and creating new opportunities for the lead character to show off their good qualities. The bright color schemes give his comics the pleasing appearance that they always have. So, dive into the world of Elder Cactus Comics and prepare to be delighted and shocked. By clicking here. and here, you can read a few of his previous posts on Boredcomics.

#14. Did it

#15. Painting

#16. Spider Man

#17. Launched

#18. Proud

#19. Can’t Believe

#20. Bat Man

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