20 Quirky and Absurd Comics that will Surely make you Laugh out Loud

Do your friends describe you as having a somewhat off-kilter sense of humor? Strange, perhaps? absurd? If so, come on over—there are lots of us here—and join the group! And for those who enjoy this type of comedy, we recommend these comic strips by “Tim Lavoie,” a cartoonist whose clever works can make even the dead laugh.

The artist is well known for his “Elder Cactus” webcomic series. The artist is quite funny. Because of this, his admirers always find his comics entertaining. I’m a fairly bad artist, so I just wanted something that was efficient enough to communicate humor without taking up a lot of time, he claims. He has now successfully reached 46,000 followers on Instagram.

The artist is excellent at keeping the narrative moving along and coming up with new opportunities for the main character to display their positive traits. His comics always have a pleasing aesthetic because of the light color schemes. In the next section, we have compiled his top 20 illustrations. Scroll down to see the bizarre comics that this amazing artist has produced.

Credit: Elder Cactus

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