20 Shell Comics Based on Clever Puns and Unexpected Twists to Make You Laugh


Humor is very important in such a busy life. We have an artist for you that creates amazing comics with lots of smart puns if you need a little comedy. Let me introduce you to a new Instagram account named Shell Comics. We have a collection of his comics for you. It is a dark comic strip that was created by an Indian cartoonist, Ryan Menezes. It has become known for its bizarre humor and real-life situations. He debuted with his Instagram account a few years ago.

He usually creates multi-panel comics. His comics always prove enjoyable. On Instagram, the artist has 8,700 followers. His comics mostly express his hilarious thoughts. He frequently updates the illustrations on his personal website. His comics are full of dark, witty puns and punchlines that offer a way of relaxing and escaping from daily struggles.

Credit: Shell Comics

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#1. Old Movie


#2. Rating

#3. Freezing


#4. Movie

#5. Feedback


#6. Numbers

The artist claims to have owned many comic books in previous years. Under his bed, everything is covered. He read and reread them for years. Then he discovered comics after some years. He started drawing his own ideas after reading different comic books. That’s how he started his web comic, which have now become popular and entertaining.

#7. So many things


#8. Potato chips

#9. Birthday week


#10. Welcome Back

#11. Internet


#12. Singing

#13. Pan Cakes


#14. Song

Even though he regularly explores hilarious themes in his comics, he is great at making cheerful, enjoyable comics that will definitely make you laugh. His writing is never dark because it is always uplifting and lighthearted. It’s always witty and interesting. Both admirers and critics have praised his writing for its comedy, creativity, and excellent sense of humor. For more of his comics, simply click here.

#15. Never ask


#16. Stop crying

#17. Whispers


#18. That’s it

#19. No Please


#20. Living Room

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