20 Funny Adult Comic Strips That Will Have You Having Through Many Funny Moments

Adult Comic Strips, A single, self-contained image that conveys a punchline or message usually makes up a single-panel comic’s composition. They can be found in print media like newspapers and magazines as well as on the internet and in social media sources. Single-panel comics’ briefness enables creators to quickly and clearly express a point or joke. Because of this, viewers who are looking for a quick laugh or a thought-provoking message find them to be a popular form of humor and commentary. 

The Argyle Sweater, who goes by the name of Scott Hilburn, is a cartoonist who has been creating comics for over a decade. His comics feature a range of characters, from animals to people, in various situations that are both relatable and entertaining. What sets his work apart is his unique style, which combines simple illustrations with witty and clever captions. Hilburn’s comics cover a wide range of topics, from pop culture to everyday situations. His comics mostly features a character wearing an argyle sweater in various situations. He currently has 101,000 Instagram followers.

The comics frequently play on stereotypes connected with the argyle pattern, resulting in a witty take on fashion. Hilburn’s comics frequently have deeper meanings, with many of them commenting on societal problems. One “Social Media” comic, for example, depicts a character gazing at their phone while standing in a field of flowers. “Enjoying nature’s beauty while ignoring nature,” the caption says. This comic is a satire on how social media can distract people from the grandeur of their surroundings. Check out some of his most current illustrations. You can also read some of his earlier boredcomics posts by clicking here.

Credit: The Argyle Sweater

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#1. Order a six-pack of butter beer?

funny adult comics

#2. Pollinated in the first date

#3. A big revolution

#4. Need a tooter

#5. Tattoo removal

funny adult comics

#6. We are both gray

funny adult comics

#7. Smell like strawberries

funny adult comics

#8. Let him heal first

funny adult comics

#9. It’s green

funny adult comics

#10. Am I too old?

funny adult comics

#11. Equipment presentation

#12. Maintenance Department

#13. The forbidden temple!

#14. Karate

#15. Onomatopoeian Empire

#16. Fry Tanic

#17. Job interviews

#18. Alcohol

#19. Airplane mode

#20. Ancestors

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