Here are 20 Scoopz Comics About Random Moments To make you laugh

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Scrolling through social media can seem refreshing, yet it often leaves us feeling empty and lonely. However, reading comics is a more satisfying experience. Beyond just being entertaining, comics provide valuable perspectives and viewpoints. Comics on social media can be a valuable tool for adding laughter to your life. That’s why we have another good collection of comics for you.


Scoopz Comics is an Indian comic strip and animation company founded in 2022 by Ravindra Abburi. His goal is to create original Indian comics and animation that can reach a global audience. Many of his comics touch on social and political issues which offers a unique perspective on the world. He has 88,900 followers on his Instagram account. The art style of his comics is colorful and expressive, making them visually appealing to readers of all ages.

Credit: Scoopz Comics

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#1. Divine Intervention

image 980

#2. Kind

image 981

#3. He missed it

image 982

#4. Keeping it consistent

image 983

#5. The highs and lows

image 984

#6. The grass is greener

image 985

He typically draws four-panel comics, most of which center on the yellow dog, who is constantly dealing with various situations. His fans always find his comics entertaining and worth viewing. That’s why his fans are always waiting for his new comics. The artist’s passion for drawing goes back to his early years, which inspired him to begin creating comics and launch her Instagram account. So that he can share his comics with a large audience.

#7. You are being tracked

image 986

#8. The big guns

image 987

#9. The price of War

image 988

#10. The Guru

image 989

#11. The healthy debate

image 990

#12. Rebranding

image 991

#13. Scarred for life

image 992

#14. Not Lazy

image 993

#15. Slight delay

image 994

You’ll notice that the majority of his comics are based on ridiculous situations. Watching Scoopz Comics on his Instagram account is highly recommended if you’re looking for charming and amusing comics. You’ll think about this series long after you’ve finished reading it. Please remember to share and leave a comment if you enjoy the blog.

#16. The promised land

image 995

#17. passing the genes

image 996

#18. A good Start

image 997

#19. Good News

image 998

#20. Eco-Friendly Project

image 999

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