20 Relatable Comics by Sanes Parza Explains How to Do Things

Today we are here to bring another good artist to you who makes comics on how to do things. Let me introduce you to a talented artist, Sanesparza, who is a multi-talented creative artist active on several social media platforms. Her comics are full of humor, have unexpected twists, and are relatable to her audience. The artist has a huge audience of 235,000 Instagram followers.

Comic strips creator Sanesparza uses a lighthearted, adorable, and all-around amusing style to demonstrate how things are done. Sanesparza entertains in addition to clarifying. Her clever humor, simple characters, and surprising turns all come together in her comics to keep you interested as you study. The next section contains a compilation of her best illustrations. I hope that these scenarios will resonate with everyone.

Credit: Sanesparza

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#1. Good Boy

#2. Be busy

#3. Alone


#4. Lie

#5. Own a dog

#6. Fresh Man


She is best known for her web comics, How to. Her web comics are all about how to do things. Sanesparza has a knack for breaking down complex ideas into simple and easy-to-understand steps. She portrays relatable situations, simple visuals, and clear language to make even the most challenging concepts relatable to all people.

#7. Party

#8. Relationship

#9. Escape


#10. Stars

#11. Be romantic

#12. Artist


#13. Graduation

#14. Live

#15. Watch Videos


To sum up, Sanesparza is a creative artist who loves humor, surprising turns, and interacting with their audience. Sanesparza’s wide portfolio is likely to provide a satisfying experience, whether you’re searching for a good laugh, appealing artwork, or a glimpse into the mind of a creative artist. Please remember to leave a comment and share the blog if you enjoy it.

#16. Listen to music

#17. Sleep

#18. Appreciate


#19. Homework

#20. Best friend

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