20 Salo Comics Shows Couples and Everyday Situations Based on Love


Salo Comics is an Instagram account created by artist Salamandra San. He is an artist from Korea. This Instagram account features slice-of-life stories about love, family, and everyday experiences. The comic strip series portrays the day-to-day adventures of Salo and her partner Bibi as they manage friendship, career, and love. Since he launched Salo Comics in 2016, readers who enjoy comics and everyday comedy have found his Instagram account to be a popular destination.

Salo and Bibi have different personalities and come from different families. But they are completely committed to and supportive of one another. Salo Comics tells us that despite differences in their personalities, it is important to accept people for who they are. Her Instagram account currently has 120,000 followers, and that number is continually rising. You can check out his best comics in the next section.

Credit: Salo Comics

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#1. Good Wife


#2. Anniversary

#3. In reality


#4. What a relief

#5. Social Battery


#6. Dinner


Salo and Bibi are the names of the couple. The male character is named Salo, and Bibi is his girlfriend. Salo’s relationship with her partner is the main subject of his comics. Despite his constant focus on couples, he finds humor in ordinary situations. He shares illustrations of the daily pleasures and challenges of relationships. His drawings are both charming and realistic at the same time.

#7. Family

#8. Cats


#9. Sense of humor

#10. Two Piggies


#11. Absolutely Not

#12. Two Types


#13. Hilarious

#14. Relationship Needs


He also captures the innocence and awkwardness of love at first sight. His charming comics will take you back to your very first love affair. In simple terms, the artist explores common worries and the joy of discovering a partner who appreciates who you are. Although he claims that relationship disagreements are a never-ending source of fun, their affection for one another can be seen in his comics. For more enjoyment, click here.

#15. Emigrating

#16. Freedom


#17. Comic Artist

#18. Pizza


#19. Life with Cat

#20. Professional deformation


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