An Artist Beautifully Reflects the Everyday Triumphs of Girls in 20 Relatable Comics


Comics have an incredible knack for distilling the essence of our daily lives, encapsulating moments that resonate with us on a personal level. Sabin Comics, birthed from the creative mind of Sabin Sanders, isn’t just a collection of drawings; it’s a vibrant world painted with relatable situations, charming characters, and an insightful lens into the female experience.

In the realm of Sabin Comics, the mundane transforms into the extraordinary. Sabin Sanders, an artist weaving magic from the threads of everyday existence, breathes life into her illustrations by infusing them with the charm of familiarity. Her creation isn’t just about comics; it’s about capturing snippets of life that tug at the strings of recognition within us all.

The heart and soul of Sabin Comics reside in its ability to encapsulate the myriad emotions encountered during adolescence, adulthood, and every step in between. Through artful strokes and witty dialogues, these comics become a companion to the journey, offering solace in shared laughter and understanding. You can also enjoy her previous posts on Bored Comics by clicking here.

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#1. While Reacting


#2. Funny

#3. Mood


#4. With Friends

#5. Important Questions


At its core, Sabin Comics is an invitation—a beckoning to traverse a landscape where laughter and relatability collide. The characters, with their quirks and challenges, mirror the experiences of many. They navigate through the awkward, heartwarming, and sometimes absurd moments that are the fabric of everyday life.

#6. Mom Knows Best

#7. Sunday Mood


#8. Ever Experienced

#9. Anxiety


#10. Stupid Cupid

What sets Sabin Comics apart is its deft navigation through the complexities of being a girl in the modern world. Through skillful storytelling and vibrant illustrations, it becomes a refreshing lens that not only entertains but also enlightens. It’s an artistic commentary on gender stereotypes, body image, friendships, and personal growth, packaged in the delightful form of comic strips.

#11. Home vs Public


#12. Really Love Me

#13. Fairy Tale


#14. So Fat

#15. Hilarious


Sabin Sanders’ creation has garnered an ardent following of 36,300 fans, a testament to the universality of her work. With each stroke of the pen, she continues to infuse everyday life with the sparkle of joy and the resonance of shared experiences. In a world often draped in complexities, Sabin Comics stands as a beacon, illuminating the path with humor, sincerity, and an unwavering celebration of the strength and resilience of girls.

#16. Go Away!

#17. Little Mermaid


#18. Relatable

#19. So Bored


#20. Disney

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