20 Single-Panel Rubes Cartoons Feature Absurd Situations Will Make You Laugh

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Single-panel cartoons are a great way to enjoy humor and wit in a compact format. They deliver a quick dose of laughter, often through clever visual and verbal cues, making them easy to appreciate on the go or during a brief break. Their simplicity allows for instant gratification and a shared sense of amusement, making them a popular choice for light entertainment. Their concise nature forces creators to distill their comedic or thought-provoking ideas into a single frame, often resulting in clever and unexpected punchlines.


Leigh Rubin is the creator of Rubes, a syndicated newspaper single-panel cartoon that was first published on November 1, 1984. The comic features humorous and absurd situations involving animals, people, and everyday life. Rubes is syndicated in more than 400 newspapers worldwide and has been published in several collections. Although Rubes has not won any major comics or cartoon awards, it has won a few minor awards, like a bronze award at ForeWord magazine’s Book of the Year. He has 22,000 Instagram followers.

Rubes’ cartoons often feature everyday scenarios that people can relate to, such as dealing with difficult co-workers, trying to get kids to eat their vegetables, or trying to stay awake during a long meeting. He also has a knack for poking fun at current events and pop culture. Rubes’ cartoons are drawn in a simple, cartoony style that is easy to understand and appreciate. He uses a limited color palette, which helps to keep his cartoons visually appealing and easy to read. Rubes’ cartoons are also often accompanied by short captions that add to the humor. If you are looking for funny and relatable cartoons, then be sure to follow Rubes Cartoons on Instagram. You won’t be disappointed.

Credit: Rubes Cartoons

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#1. Ice cream

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#2. Apocalypse

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#3. Flying Object

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#4. Hummingbird

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#5. Classic Styling

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#6. Inactive

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#7. Pop

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#8. Seriously

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#9. Socrates

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#10. Unfiltered

image 591

#11. Family Trip

image 592

#12. What the flock?

image 593

#13. Experiments

image 594

#14. A bloody vaste indeed

image 595

#15. How to build now

image 596

#16. Knew Her

image 597

#17. Classy Clams!

image 598

#18. Gambling

image 600

#19. Document

image 599

#20. Compliments

image 601

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