20 Times an Artist Shares Overlooked Instances That Occur in Her Daily Life


Ever wondered where creativity comes from? How does an artist craft those delightful, relatable comics that make you nod in agreement or burst into giggles? Well, enter the world of Rebecca Rose, an illustrator whose whimsical, heartwarming comics are spun from the threads of her everyday life. But here’s the catch—her muses? They aren’t some elusive beings hiding in the distant clouds; they’re right beside her, nestled within her home.

Meet Rebecca Rose, the wizard behind the curtains of laughter-inducing comics that breathe life into mundane moments. Her art is a beautiful concoction of wit, humor, and the subtle art of observation. But who are these mystical sources of her inspiration? none other than her boyfriend, Matt, and their four quirky cats—Butter, Ted, Nemo, and Lil D.

Credit: Rebecca Rose Comics

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#1. Explain This


#2. Looks Good

#3. Favorite Game


#4. Beach

#5. Got a check


Rebecca Rose’s comics are slices of life, painted in vibrant hues of humor. They embody those small, overlooked instances that occur within the four walls of her cozy abode—moments of love, mischief, and the delightful chaos of living with four furballs. The beauty lies in the simplicity of her inspiration. It’s not some far-off muse visiting in a dream; it’s the playful antics of Butter, the curious exploration of Ted, the mischievous adventures of Nemo, and the charming quirks of Lil D that breathe life into her illustrations. Matt, the other half of her daily escapades, adds his own touch of humor and love to the mix.

#6. Warning Shot

#7. What’s wrong?


#8. Beautiful Day

#9. Trimming Trees


#10. Online Building Game

#11. Tuna Juice


Rebecca Rose’s comics aren’t just drawings; they’re encapsulated emotions. They’re the laughter that erupts when Butter decides to occupy the keyboard, the warmth felt when Ted snuggles up during a rainy day, the mischief that ensues with Nemo’s playful antics, and the sweetness that Lil D brings with those innocent gazes. She has 1,688 followers.

But why do these comics resonate so deeply with audiences? Perhaps it’s the universality of these moments. Who hasn’t experienced the joy of a cat taking over your workspace or the warmth of a loved one’s embrace on a chilly evening? These comics serve as a mirror, reflecting our own lives in a whimsical, comical light.

#12. Hang Out

#13. Hiding


#14. Helping

#15. Late


#16. Server Down

#17. Almost Finished


Rebecca Rose’s art is a testament to the fact that inspiration isn’t always found in the grand or the extraordinary; it often lurks in the ordinary, waiting for us to notice and cherish it. It’s a reminder that muses aren’t always elusive; they can be the people and creatures we share our lives with, if only we’re willing to open our eyes and hearts to their everyday magic.

#18. Human

#19. Caring


#20. Breakfast

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