20 Real Funghi Comics Based on Dark Humor and Quirky Situations


In today’s world, there are many active artists on social media platforms who create hilarious comics for their fans. Some of them are well-known and have a lot of followers on their Instagram accounts. But some of them are not so popular, but their work is very brilliant. They are not as popular simply because they have fewer followers. One of them we will discuss today. 

Cartoonist Dennis Gagne is definitely an expert in the field of humorous and strange comics. He is the creator of the web comic series Real Funghi Comics. His comics are always delightful and imaginative. Denis’s covers cover a wide range of themes and are frequently charming and humorous. He has 3,188 followers on his Instagram account. You can find his comics on Facebook and Instagram, and some of the posts are also on his personal website.

Credit: Real Funghi Comics

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#1. It’s Milk


#2. Last Requests

#3. Looking for trouble


#4. Innocent People

#5. Mario


#6. Meeting

It’s a comedic series available for free on the Instagram platform, with new comics uploaded every Wednesday. His comic strips are known for their lighthearted and funny content. His art style is cartoony and expressive, with a focus on character design and colorful backgrounds. The artist’s comics explore dark themes in a humorous way.

#7. Godzilla


#8. Reverse Attack

#9. Popeye


#10. Newton

#11. Batman


#12. Superstitious

#13. Ascension Day


#14. Super Man

Denis combines a variety of colors and textures to create comics that are simple and hilarious. His comics usually take place in bizarre and creative situations. He says that there are many strange and amazing things in life, but his comics serve as a reminder that lightheartedness and comedy can be used to examine even the most serious subjects. You can also check out his earlier posts on our website by clicking here.

#15. Meal


#16. Kitchen Bots

#17. Space Villain Permit


#18. New Things

#19. Action Figure


#20. Kingdom

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