Cartoonist Denis Creates 20 Comics Based on Humorous and Surreal Situations

Comics based on humorous and surreal situations can be a lot of fun to read and create. They can be a great way to escape from the everyday world and experience something new and different. One of the best ways to keep readers engaged is to throw in some unexpected twists and turns. This could be anything from a sudden character reveal to a surprise ending. The goal of these comics is to make people laugh, so don’t be afraid to get silly. The more ridiculous and outlandish the situations, the funnier they will be.

Credit: Real Funghi Comics

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#1. Going to make it

#2. Play

#3. To much Trouble

#4. Eat my Farts

Comics that delve into humorous and surreal situations are a delightful and imaginative genre, and cartoonist Denis Gagne is undoubtedly an expert in this field. With a creative flair and a knack for pushing the boundaries of reality, Denis G’s comics take readers on whimsical journeys that defy the ordinary. Real Funghi Comics is a webcomic series created by Denis G. The comics are available on Instagram and Twitter, and there are also some posts on iFunny. Denis’s comics are often funny and heartwarming, and they explore a variety of topics.

#5. We Found You

#6. Mean Batman

#7. Bat Smoke

#8. Ninja Turtle

#9. A Little Hair

The Real Funghi Comics Instagram account (@realfunghicomics) has 2,772 followers and 345 posts. The comics are drawn by Denis G. and are often humorous and surreal. Denis’s art style is simple but expressive, and he uses a variety of colors and textures to create his comics. His characters are all very distinct and memorable, and he has a knack for creating humorous and relatable situations. His work is characterized by its ability to transform the mundane into the extraordinary.

#10. Ghost Rider Dad

#11. Bribe Money

#12. Normal Men

#13. Awkward Topography

#14. Sea Trek into Wetness

#15. What’s with your hair?

One of the things that makes Denis’s comics so special is his ability to combine humor with surrealism. His comics are often set in strange and fantastical worlds, but the characters and situations are still grounded in reality. This allows him to explore complex themes in a lighthearted and accessible way. Denis’s comics are a great reminder that life is full of strange and wonderful things. They are also a reminder that even the most serious topics can be explored in a humorous and lighthearted way.

#16. Be Cool

#17. Panicked

#18. Foot Fetishist

#19. Frog

#20. Cuddle Monster

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