20 Quickies Comics Shows Clever Jokes in Single-Panel To Make People Laugh

Quickies Comics is an Instagram account that is famous for making people laugh with single-panel humor. This Instagram account was created by a partnership between B. Rolling and Jorion. They both work together to make their comics more interesting. B. Rolling is the writer who writes the clever punchlines for comics. Jorion is an illustrator who has perfect drawing skills and gives comics a final touch.

He is a creative cartoonist from Los Angeles, California, who makes a name for himself. He makes the decision to hide his identity, especially from his closest friends. Because of his loving and humorous comics, the artist has gathered a small family of over 24,400 fans worldwide. Even though it doesn’t seem like he has a big fan base, his sense of humor is amazing. In the part that follows, let’s look at some of his best comics.

Credit: Quickies Comics

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#2. Easter Dinner

#3. Rescue


#4. In Line

#5. Complain

#6. Tonight


He said he draws inspiration from everyday life with his duo partner, turning his observations into humorous one-panel stories. His comics are always based on a black-and-white theme. He says he gets most of the dumb ideas for his comics when they both sit together and enjoy their time together. Then they turn those into humorous drawings after discussing them with each other.

#7. Fantastic foreplay

#8. Bigger Bow

#9. True Crime


#10. Something for everyone

#11. First responders

#12. Dogs


#13. Cheese and Packers

#14. It’s Complicated

#15. Disappointing exhibit


His comics, in our opinion, are the perfect way to end the worst day, but we can’t say the same for you. Many of them contain a lot of information in a few clever, humorous words. One of the biggest advantages is that you can get through them fast if you’re not looking for something that would feel like too big of an assignment to finish. Click these links to see some of his earlier posts on Bored Comics: Here And Here.

#16. Real Dad

#17. Job

#18. Staring


#19. Bad Boy

#20. Makeup

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