Here are the 20 Ridiculous Single-panel Comics by “Quickies Comics” 

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Webcomics, in our perspective, are the best cure for a bad day; however, we’re not sure about yours. Many of them are short and humorous, packing a lot of information into a few words. You can read a lot of them in a short amount of time if you’re not looking for something that would feel like too much of a commitment to get through, which is a big benefit.


Another thing we’d like to introduce to you are the amusing single comics. With “Quickies Comics,” this cartoonist from Los Angeles, California, stands apart from the crowd. He decides to keep his identity a secret, especially from his fans. Through his adorable and humorous comics, he has created a small family of more than 25,700 fans worldwide. His humor is really wonderful, even though he doesn’t seem to have a large following.

Most of us are aware of the various ways in which panels can be set up and utilized to provide the reader with various emotions, reading tempos, and volumes of information. They also value the diversity of information the white space between panels might offer the viewer about the story. But this only represents the very beginning of this particular field of art. You may see the 20 straightforward yet amusing strips we’ve gathered directly below.

Credit: Quickies Comics

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