20 Single-Panel Quickies Comics Features Dark and Absurd Situations

Single-panel comics with a dark and bizarre sense of humor can be surprisingly successful at tickling our funny bones. They twist familiar situations into absurd connections, defying logic and our expectations in the best way feasible. This element of surprise is essential to the humor because it takes us off guard and compels us to rethink our view of the world in an amusing way.

Today we present you with a humorous partnership consisting of writer B. Rolling and illustrator Jorion, who has an Instagram account @quickies_comic. They’re well-known for their daily single-panel comics, which feature witty and frequently absurdist comedy. Quickies_Comic is a shining example of how a single-panel comic can leave a lasting impression in a world hungry for laughter and connection as the digital landscape evolves. Let’s explore some of his best comics in the following section.

Credit: Quickies_Comic

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#1. Tunnel

#2. New Friend

#3. Head Quarter

#4. Modern Dating

#5. Turned Off

#6. Holiday

He is a cartoonist from Los Angeles, California, who stands out from the crowd. He decides to keep his identity hidden, particularly from his supporters. The artist has amassed a small family of over 24,400 admirers worldwide thanks to his charming and amusing comics. His sense of humor is fantastic, despite the fact that he does not appear to have a large following.

#7. Christmas

#8. Casual

#9. Clean Coal

#10. Book Stores

#11. Human Resources

#12. Change

#13. Googling

We think his comics are the best way to end a bad day, but we’re not sure about yours. Many of them condense a lot of information into a small number of funny, snappy words. One major advantage is that, if you’re not searching for something that would feel like too big of a commitment to finish, you can go through them quickly. If you want to enjoy some of his previous posts on Bored Comics, then click here and here.

#14. Hot

#15. Harder

#16. Everything

#17. Thanks Giving

#18. Pickles

#19. France

#20. Hilarious

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