20 Comics Feature a Grandmother Who Finds herself in Unexpected Situations

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Psycho Suzanne is a comic series created by an artist known as Paul, who is believed to be based in the United States. The comic series features a grandmother named Suzanne who finds herself in various unexpected and humorous situations. Psycho Suzanne is available to read for free on Webtoons. The artist behind Psycho Suzanne has revealed that the character is loosely based on their own grandmother. Her comics are always amusing to her fans, and they are eagerly waiting for them.


She has 14,200 followers on Instagram. The webcomic depicts the daily activities of Suzanne, a grandma who is frequently characterized as weird, neurotic, and antisocial. Her caustic humor and absurdist view of ordinary life are well-known. The character of Suzanne is complex and contradictory. She is intelligent and creative, but she is also incredibly insecure and critical of herself. Usually, she is shown to be in conflict with both herself and the outside world.

Suzanne is portrayed as a humorous, disorganized, and slightly insane old woman. The comics are a place where humor takes a delightfully twisted turn. The enigmatic artist graces us with a new installment of the comic regularly. From quirky misadventures to endearing encounters, these comics showcase the resilience and wit of a grandmother who embraces every challenge with a twinkle in her eye. Her escapades serve as a reminder that age is no barrier to adventure and that even the most ordinary people can find themselves in extraordinary circumstances.

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Credit: Psycho Suzanne

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#1. Crush Your Face

image 374

#2. Life Purpose

image 375

#3. Awesome Job

image 376

#4. Not Again

image 377

#5. To Go Alone

image 378

#6. Love

image 379

#7. The Guardians

image 380

#8. Easy Steps

image 381

#9. Emails

image 382

#10. Insomnia

image 383

#11. Old Game

image 384

#12. There’s no other door

image 385

#13. Stereotypes

image 386

#14. Ultimate Creation

image 387

#15. Hacker

image 388

#16. Home Schooled

image 389

#17. Outdoors

image 390

#18. You’re Fired

image 391

#19. Millionaire

image 392

#20. So Red

image 393

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