20 Prolific Pen Comics Shows Awkward Situations in a Hilarious Way

Today we are here to discuss Prolific Pen Comics, which is the creation of Yanni Davros. He is a comic artist who adds humor to everyday situations. The artist, Yanni Davros, is 36 years old. His hometown is Sacramento, California. The artist finds inspiration from real-life people and things that happen in everyday life. His humorous comics are certain to brighten everybody’s day.


He draws his comics on realistic themes and incidents from his everyday life. There are roughly 109,000 followers on his Instagram profile. The artist claims that although his parents had hoped for him to become a doctor or a lawyer, he ended up being a cartoonist. Yanni, however, creates humorous comics that can brighten any person’s day and get us smiling in agreement. By scrolling down, you will see that his comics are inspired by real-life individuals and events.

Credit: Prolific Pen Comics

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#1. Clean Energy


#2. Skipping Workout Day


#3. Fur Baby

#4. Swimming Pool


#5. Call From the Hospital

#6. Old Ears


As a youngster, he began drawing airplanes before developing an interest in comics and painting. He attended the Savannah College of Art and Design, where he majored in sequential visual art and studied art history, being fortunate to have supportive parents. He currently makes a career by creating art for advertising agencies and IT companies.

#7. Spooky Ghost

#8. TV with Friends


#9. Haters

#10. You are fired


#11. Advice

#12. Working From Home


#13. Flat Earth Society

#14. Kissing Dogs


#15. Tissue Paper

Prolific Pen Comics has amassed a significant social media following since launching its website in 2012. His comics are famous for being able to present unexpected twists and surprises and impress readers. When the reader reads the third panel, there is a twist that makes him laugh even harder than he did when he thought he understood the joke from the second panel. For more of his comics, simply click Here And Here.

#16. An Old Man & a Baby


#17. Bag

#18. The First Artist


#19. Roommate

#20. Whales


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