Cartoonist Yanni Davros Creates 20 Dark Humor Comics Full of Sudden Twists

Dark humor comics full of sudden twists combine elements of comedy and unexpected turns to create a unique and often provocative reading experience. These comics aim to challenge conventional expectations and push the boundaries of humor by presenting unexpected and sometimes controversial situations. The art style of dark humor comics can vary widely, ranging from simple and minimalistic to highly detailed and intricate illustrations. The choice of art style often complements the tone, enhancing the overall impact of the punchlines.


Yanni Davros is an Instagram artist who creates funny and relatable comics about everyday life. The artist, who goes by the name “Prolific Pen Comics,” has over 112,000 followers on Instagram, and their comics have been shared millions of times. It features colorful characters in everyday situations, often with a humorous twist. The comics are drawn in a simple, cartoony style, and they often feature animals as well as humans. Through unexpected plot twists, they challenge readers’ expectations and push the boundaries of traditional humor.

Prolific Pen Comics has been online since 2012, and it has amassed a large following on social media. The comics have been translated into several languages, and they have been featured in a number of publications. One characteristic of dark humor comics is their ability to surprise and shock readers with sudden twists. It’s worth noting that dark humor comics may not be for everyone, as they often delve into controversial and sensitive territory. Different individuals have varying thresholds for what they find funny or acceptable. As with any form of art, it’s important to approach dark humor comics with an open mind and respect for diverse perspectives.

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Credit: Prolific Pen Comics

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#1. Nocturnal ruminations

#2. Bike inventor


#3. A phobia

#4. Living in the moment


#5. Another round

#6. City council meeting


#7. Don’t leave me

#8. What goes up


#9. Dish magnet

#10. Dog & Hog


#11. The magic of light

#12. Cat surgery


#13. Sky diving

#14. Psychiatrist


#15. Moth gifts

#16. Figure of speech


#17. Butt pills

#18. Until it’s over


#19. Trident

#20. End of meeting question


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