20 Prime Slime Comics Based on Clever Jokes That Will Make You Laugh

Prime Slime Comics is a series of humorous comics created by the French artists Rowen and Tony Basilicato. Rowen is the artist who thinks about creative and hilarious ideas for comics, while Tony Basilicato is the illustrator who turns the ideas into adorable drawings. Prime Slime Comics first appeared in 1986. Their comics are famous for their absurdist humor and dark humor and never fail to make fans laugh.

While not much information is readily available about Rowen and Tony Basilicato, we know they are brothers who teamed up to create Prime Slime Comics. It would be interesting to see if they have other projects together or if they continued creating comics after Prime Slime. They currently have an audience of 84,800 followers on his Instagram account. You can check out some of his best comics in the following gallery.

Credit: Prime Slime Comics

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#1. Toxic Content

#2. Death

#3. Cake


#4. Begging

#5. Cloning

#6. High School


The artists stated that the majority of their bizarre ideas occurred to them while they were acting foolishly and silently. They later thoughtfully implemented those concepts into their comics. The comedian’s primary objective is to make the audience laugh with his or her well-chosen puns and jokes. They can generally make their audience laugh with their humorous paintings because of their exceptional painting skills.

#7. Get It

#8. Dentist

#9. Brain


#10. Get It

#11. Castle

#12. Monster


#13. Afraid

#14. Crack

They draw comics on an extensive list of ridiculous themes. However, they mostly center on the amusing scenarios involving the character himself. Prime Slime Comics is worth checking out if you’re looking for a good laugh or if you can identify with the experience of being a little strange. Remember to leave a comment about the comics you like best. We hope you have an amazing day.

#15. Hell


#16. Music

#17. Fortune Cookie

#18. Suicide Man


#19. Clap

#20. Attention

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