20 Portuguese Geese Comics Capture Awkward Moments To Make You Laugh

Portuguese Geese, also known as the artist Joe Holtby, is a webcomic creator whose work is characterized by relatable and often hilarious social awkwardness. His comics frequently depict cringe-worthy situations, awkward conversations, and the general struggle of navigating social interactions. But beneath the humor, there’s a touch of warmth and self-deprecation that makes his comics charming.

He lives in Portugal and has been creating cartoons for over two years. His comics are often simple and straightforward, yet they are successful at making readers laugh. No one is a better comic artist for socially awkward people than Portuguese Geese. We have previously published Portuguese comics, and it appears that many people appreciate them. So, now we continue with his most recent comics, which will have you in stitches by the end.

Credit: Portuguese Geese

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#1. Music

#2. Funeral

#3. Make a wish

#4. Speed Run

#5. Replace

#6. Groceries

The comics often examine the darker side of human nature, including issues like death, depression, and addiction. The characters are all the same, with featureless faces and blank expressions. He currently has 16,300 Instagram followers. His artistic style is simple and deceptively basic. However, with a few powerful lines and expressive characters, he conveys a great deal of emotion and comedy.

#7. Not Cool

#8. Babe

#9. Good Morning

#10. Scientific Solution

#11. Hilarious

#12. Successful

While the humor often stems from awkwardness, there’s a kindheartedness to his comics. The characters, even in their most cringe-worthy moments, are ultimately endearing. There’s a sense of shared humanity and vulnerability that makes the comics heartwarming. If you’re looking for a good laugh and a relatable take on social awkwardness, his comics are definitely worth checking out. You can also read some of his previous posts on Boredcomics by clicking here and here.

#13. Poison

#14. Look Great

#15. Bomb Squad

#16. Thanks

#17. New Wardrobe

#18. Costume

#19. Vaccines

#20. Social Media

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