An Artist Creates 20 Family Comics That Are Known for Their Unique Sense of Humor

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In a world brimming with chaos, there exists an enchanting realm crafted by the deft hand and ingenious mind of Kristen Pinpin. She’s not just an artist; she’s a storyteller, a weaver of whimsy and relatability, a maestro who orchestrates laughter through her vibrant comics. With an artistic alchemy that blends silliness, realism, and the unexpected, Kristen weaves narratives from the tapestry of her own life, inviting us into a world where the mundane meets the marvelous.


Kristen Pinpin’s canvas is the digital stage of Instagram, where her alter ego, “Plamondon,” sketches out anecdotes from the ordinary and embellishes them with extraordinary humor. Her creative repertoire traverses the landscapes of relationships, the labyrinthine journey of motherhood, and the rollercoaster ride of pregnancy. However, what distinguishes her artistry is not just the thematic diversity but the sheer authenticity that breathes life into each stroke of her pen.

Credit: Plamondon

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#1. Oh My God

image 550

#2. Look Like Trash

image 552

#3. Punch Line

image 563

#4. Smell Good

image 564

#5. Girlfriend

image 565

Unfurling the pages of her digital diary, one encounters an eclectic symphony of emotions and experiences. The resonance of her comics lies not in their artistic finesse alone but in their unerring ability to mirror the spectrum of human existence. From heartfelt moments to uproarious escapades, Kristen Pinpin’s creations serve as a mirror reflecting our shared joys, trials, and idiosyncrasies.

#6. Gambling

image 551

#7. Glad to see

image 570

#8. Comic Content

image 568

#9. Order

image 567

#10. So Skinny

image 566

But what ignites the spark of creation in an artist’s mind? How does Kristen summon these vignettes of mirth and empathy that resonate with thousands? For her, inspiration is an intangible muse that dances in everyday occurrences. It’s the spilled coffee, the quirky conversation with a friend, or the endearing chaos of daily life that kindles the creative flame within her. The mundane becomes a treasure trove of ideas waiting to be spun into whimsical tales.

#11. Welcome to Hell

image 558

#12. Hair

image 559

#13. Pets

image 560

#14. Birthday

image 561

#15. New Girl

image 571

Yet, beyond the mere portrayal of life’s happenings, there’s a profound motivation driving Kristen’s artistic fervor—a desire to connect. Her art is not just a portrayal of her world but a bridge that unites countless others traversing similar paths. The bedrock of her comics rests on the belief that amidst the diversity of human experiences, there’s an unspoken camaraderie—a shared laughter that transcends boundaries, offering solace and a sense of belonging.

#16. Oh No

image 557

#17. Angry Cat

image 556

#18. Hilarious

image 555

Kristen’s success isn’t merely measured by her follower count; it’s in the laughter echoed across screens, the moments of recognition that draw a smile, and the subtle reminder that amidst life’s chaos, there’s beauty in the absurd. As we delve into her enchanting illustrations, we’re greeted by scenes that feel like stolen moments from our own lives—heartwarming, comical, and strikingly familiar. Kristen Pinpin’s artistic tapestry isn’t just a collection of drawings; it’s an invitation to embrace the silliness, celebrate the ordinary, and find solace in the shared experiences that knit us all together.

#19. New Friend

image 554

#20. Vampire

image 553

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