20 Phey Comics Shows the Relatable Moments in the Life of a Girl

Many girls, especially young women, can feel like their experiences are unique. They happen to them only, but they do not think that these moments are universal. In order to make them aware of these moments, many artists on social media platforms try their best to make comics. One of them is Phey Comics. Now, you are starting to think about the artist, but we tell you that this artist is not so popular. Due to which you are unable to memorize. But no need to worry; we are here to introduce her. All you do is stay connected with us throughout the entire blog until the end.

Credit: Phey Comics

You can also enjoy more comics and learn more about the artist by visiting his Instagram profile. We hope her comics will make your mood better.

#1. Run for your life

#2. No romantic Vibes here

#3. So Cute


Let’s talk about the artist first and her motivations and inspirations to start this comic series. She revealed that life throws challenges at everyone, and girls are no exception. Her comics can use humor to address those challenges, making them seem relatable. She further says that laughing at a relatable situation can offer a sense of release and help girls navigate difficult emotions.

#4. Just leave it

#5. Want to be mad

#6. She is arrogant


#7. Own Decisions

When we visit her Instagram account, we see that she does not have enough followers. When we asked about her, she said that, due to some reasons, she is unable to make content on a regular basis. Due to which her followers did not give her so much attention and positive feedback. Which ultimately leads to a smaller number of people being able to follow her on her Instagram account.

#8. Back to home

#9. Be my boyfriend


#10. All my feelings in this envelope

#11. Whole life is pain

#12. Underwater


On Instagram, she has 1,084 followers. Her comics include a figure who experiences embarrassing situations, common concerns, and laughter shared by young people. Her humor explores the awkwardness of everyday life, our shared inner dialogues, and the difficulties of growing up. She is an outstanding creator who truly excels at capturing the highs and lows of daily existence, especially in her charming and sympathetic comics. 

#13. Eye Drops

#14. Can’t finish it

#15. Hold it anymore


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#16. Nothing in life

#17. Cooking

#18. Want to be champion


#19. Scrambled Eggs

#20. Panic Attack

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