20 Comics Capture a Humorous and Relatable Take on Everyday Situations




Comics have a remarkable ability to capture the humorous and relatable aspects of everyday situations, offering readers a delightful escape into the comical moments of life. Through a blend of clever storytelling and expressive illustrations, these comics breathe life into ordinary scenarios, turning them into hilarious and relatable experiences. The humor in these comics is often derived from the familiarity of the situations depicted. By finding hilarity in the mundane, the comics remind us to see the lighter side of life and appreciate the comedy that surrounds us daily.

Zach Stafford is an Instagram artist who has quickly gained a following of 48,100 for his funny and relatable comics. His work often features everyday situations that people can relate to, but with a twist of humor. Pervis’s comics are known for their simple yet effective illustrations and their clever punchlines. He is a motivational speaker and author located in Los Angeles. He started making comics in 2017 to express his ideas and experiences about life.

Pervis says that he started drawing comics as a way to deal with his anxiety and depression. He found that drawing helped him express his emotions in a way that he couldn’t through words. The characters in these comics become our relatable companions on this laughter-filled journey. Their witty banter, charming flaws, and infectious humor make them endearing and lovable. As readers immerse themselves in their misadventures, they can’t help but develop a fondness for these animated personalities. Beyond the laughter, these comics also hold a deeper significance. They remind us to find joy in the simplicity of life, appreciate the little moments, and navigate the challenges with humor and grace.

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Credit: Pervis Comics

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#1. Try to be kind

#2. Self loathing

#3. Self preservation

#4. New clothes!

#5. Grocery shopping

#6. Whatever I want

#7. Grandparents

#8. Riding car with father

#9. How’s it going?

#10. Video game!

#11. Alright

#12. That’s not true

#13. Webpage

#14. Last night

#15. Attention

#16. Password

#17. Relationship

#18. Burden of Adulthood

#19. Being alone

#20. Funny videos

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