20 Couple Comics Shows How the Everyday Life of a Girl Goes in a Relationship

Couple comics are popular and well-known because they depict the funny, sweet, […]

Couple comics are popular and well-known because they depict the funny, sweet, and sometimes frustrating aspects of romantic relationships. They can be a great way to see yourself and your partner in the comics or simply enjoy a lighthearted look at love. For this, we bring you another collection of comics by an artist whom you may not have known before.

Let me introduce you to an Instagram account named Pepper Seed that is well known for capturing such situations. The brilliant artist behind this comic strip is Raveena. She currently has a huge audience of 21,100 followers on her Instagram account. Her comics describe her relationship with her boyfriend. Her relatable and humorous illustrations have gained her a large following online. You can check out her best comics in the following section.

Credit: Pepper Seed Comics

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#1. Relationships at beginning Vs after one year

#2. Plans


#3. Everything

#4. Always Spot


#5. How to deal with stress

#6. When she is angry

The couple goes by the names Rami and Thays. Her comics mostly feature her relationship with her boyfriend. While always focused on couples, her humor often finds humor in relatable situations. She illustrates the everyday joys and struggles of a long-distance relationship. Her comics are both relatable and heartwarming. 

#7. Hugs


#8. Butt lovers

#9. Cry

#10. Listening


#11. Jealous

#12. Stop loving me

#13. Someone to talk


#14. Scrolling Instagram

#15. Control This

She also shows the awkwardness and sweetness of young love. Her comics are full of charm and will bring back memories of your first crush. The artist basically explores everyday anxieties and the sweetness of finding someone who shares your weirdness. Couple differences are a constant source of humor, but their love for each other shines through her comics. Have a great time.

#16. Forehead kiss


#17. Own Business

#18. Go for it

#19. Quarantine


#20. New Year

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