20 Chica & Coco Comics Shows a Couple Cruising Through Life

If you are a couple, then you have come to the right place if you want to enjoy the everyday pleasures and difficulties of relationships. We might connect with the bizarre events, misunderstandings, and humorous events captured in the panels, as well as with each other. Humor is more enjoyable because of the sense of familiarity and connection that comes from having similar experiences. For this reason, we have another fantastic selection of comics for you.


Let me present an Instagram account, The Sweet Faces, which is a delightful and realistic collection of humorous love tips that will make your day. They mostly focus on Chica and Coco, a couple, and their daily lives. They follow 17,400 people on Instagram. Their comics deal with relatable situations and make jokes about differences, communication mishaps, and the joys of togetherness. To see their comics, browse to the section below and scroll down.

Credit: The Sweet Faces

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#1. Power up


#2. Cooking


#3. Favorite Things

#4. Wish


#5. When one Sings other Syncs

#6. Perfect Song


Everybody who has been in a relationship can relate to the situations and characters, which gives the humor a sincere and realistic sense. Their comics create big laughs without going into absurd or unpleasant humor by combining clever dialogue with expressive illustrations. Their comics, although they take a few shots at relationship mistakes, ultimately encourage love and connection, leaving you feeling good.

#7. So true

#8. make me see


#9. Take Care

#10. Comfort Place


#11. Guess what?

#12. Heavy Stuff


#13. Curvy

Every relationship has its highs and lows, according to her. As ridiculous as it may sound, there could never be ups and downs without love. Their comics are all about the fleeting moments you get to spend with the love of your life. Because of all the difficulties and challenges we encounter, we are able to enjoy the little things in life even more. They capture these events to make sure that relationships are strengthened and that others are not struggling alone.

#14. Resolution


#15. Tough ride

#16. Get up


#17. Periods

#18. You know what


#19. Perfect place

#20. Date Specials


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