20 Witty and Honest Comics Are Created by Mom About What It’s Like Raising Kids

There are ups and downs to being a mother, and Instagram comic creators have used the medium to share their experiences. Although being a parent is unquestionably one of the most rewarding experiences one can have, it is also a difficult and demanding job that has its own share of difficulties. Paula Kuka, an Instagram artist, is all too aware of this and uses her webcomic series Common Wild to share the humorous and frank moments of parenting.

Paula Kuka’s webcomic series, which highlights her own experiences as a mother of a small child, offers a novel and relatable perspective on parenting. She uses straightforward honesty in her cartoons to depict the challenges of parenthood in real life. In addition to capturing the ups and downs of parenting a child, her comics are able to find comedy in the chaos. Her use of vivid hues and bold lines, as well as her whimsical and playful illustrations, all add to the overall lightheartedness of her work. In one of her most well-known comics, a mother struggles to get her child to consume healthy food; in the end, the child decides to eat a crayon.

Many parents have found comfort and amusement in Paula’s relatable and humorous comics, which have amassed a large following of 250,000 on Instagram. Paula’s comics are a welcome and much-needed reminder that it’s okay to not always have it together in a world where parenthood is frequently portrayed as flawless and simple. Her cartoons serve as a reminder that sometimes the best thing you can do is just laugh it off, because she welcomes the chaos and messiness of parenthood. You can read some of her earlier articles on Boredcomics by clicking here and here.

Credit: Common Wild

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#1. Expected vs Actually

#2. Not for this particular moment

#3. You never know what someone else is going through

#3. My four years old get it

#5. Normal vs Halloween Days

#6. The Superpowers of Dad

#7. So who started this “pitter patter” myth?

#8. As you grow

#9. Does this scene look familiar?

#10. Different situations

#11. How it look vs how it feels

#12. She will have someone to listen

#13. We need to talk!

#14. It’s a precarious path we are on

#15. Most important job

#16. Reality

#17. Same shit, different view

#18. My camera roll

#19. Everyone’s journey to parenthood looks different

#20. Every night we play this really fun game

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