Motherhood Moments Perfectly Illustrated By Artist (30 comics)

Motherhood Moments Perfectly Illustrated By Artist (30 comics)

Every Mom has her ‘ups’ and downs when it comes to parenting. One minute your child looks like a little angel, quietly sleeping in his cradle, while the other he looks like an incarnation of the devil, throws out his anger and tests the limits of your patience. And Australian artist Paula Coca described these parents’ moments in the most honest and relevant comedians.

In an interview with Board Panda, the artist said he never had any plans to become an artist. After finishing school, Paula studied landscape architecture and worked in the profession for 10 years. She started drawing only after going on maternity leave with her first child to get creative.

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The artist says, ‘A few years after I gave birth to my second child, I started making cartoons as a way to document my daily life (because I write in their surviving books). Was useless). ‘I posted them on Instagram and they quickly caught the attention of other parents who would like to see such a relevant view of the parents.” “It’s important for me to talk openly about these things because I know it can help other parents reduce their worries,” says Paula. It can help to feel lonely.



Opportunities can come in very unusual places. Be generous with your time and skills.” My greatest opportunities came when I went out on a limb and did something for someone and didn’t expect anything in return.

Paula says, “Just keep going and be true to yourself.” People resonate the most with honesty. Check out her honest maternity comedy in the gallery below





























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