20 Hilarious Comics Shows the Daily Life Experiences of Blue Character

Many everyday similar situations are minor, but they can make us laugh when presented in the form of comics. This is because a surprising twist is the main element that can be a great way to release that tension. Comics allow us to laugh at the frustrations of daily life in a safe and controlled way, and the Instagram profile Ok Blue Comics specifically does that. He is the artist who simply shows the struggles of daily life in a hilarious way.

This web comic series was created in late 2019. He was dealing with the problem of insomnia and the desire to spend his time doing something. Therefore, he used a new iPad Pro and experimented with drawing in the Procreate app. Now, this Instagram account is well-known for its blue-shaded drawings. The majority of the images on this Instagram account are humorous and lovable scenes from daily life which you can see by keep scrolling and enjoy this blog.

Credit: Ok Blue Comics

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Here are some of his best comics for you to make your day better:

#1. No Big Deal

#2. Great Thinking

#3. Halloween


#4. Are you listening to me?

#5. Pet Lover

When we asked the artist about using the blue character in his comics, he said that the signature blue color scheme came about unintentionally. The artist liked how it looked, and the name Ok Blue followed. Due to this, his comics became famous for their unique blue color palette, with all elements colored in various shades of blue.

#6. Picky eater in the house


#7. Ever hurt someone or something you love?

#8. Do you hate leftovers?

#9. Always Complain


His personal troubles led to his sadness. He is rather uncomfortable and keeps waking up in the middle of the night. The artist started making comics since he had nothing else to do with his time. He regularly draws comics for dark jokes and amusing incidents from daily life. Additionally, he creates comics with adorable cat behaviors. According to Instagram, he has 39,600 followers. 

#10. Using cart

#11. Favorite Exercise

#12. Give me kisses


#13. New Year Resolutions

#14. Great Smile

#15. Back Rubs


The primary subjects are amusing circumstances and relationship observations. These moments are regularly depicted by the artistic duo Mr. and Mrs. Blue. Do not forget to share and leave a comment if you appreciate reading the blog. Check out his earlier posts on our website if you are looking for humorous and relatable comics. To get started, simply click on these two links: Here And Here.

#16. Back Problems

#17. Going to feel

#18. Afternoon Schedule


#19. Ever happen to you?

#20. Just a suggestion

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