20 Odd1sout Comics Captures Hilarious Situations to Make You Laugh

The Odd1sOut is a hilarious webcomic created by Robert James Rallison. He is a talented cartoonist that you should check out. He is an American voice actor, animator, author, cartoonist, and YouTuber. This artist is best known for making storytime animations for his YouTube channel, in addition to being the co-creator and co-star of the animated Netflix series Oddballs.

Unlike his elder brother, he did not attend parties or win football games while in high school. Rather, he released comics on the internet. His Instagram account currently has 3.1 million followers, which is a large following. His humorous comics cover a wide range of topics, including parenting and romance, and frequently take unexpected turns in the plot, leaving readers wondering what will happen in the next panel.

Credit: The Odd1sOut

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#1. Girlfriend

#2. How to kiss girls

#3. Binary

#4. Cannon Ball

#5. Time Fly

#6. gifts of gold

This comic series features short, humorous strips typically drawn in Odd1sout’s signature hilarious style, which is based on unexpected twists. His comics often explore relatable everyday situations and quirky observations, often with a scientific or educational twist. That’s how he makes his audience laugh out loud, and they are always waiting for his new comics.

#7. Bark

#8. weather

#9. Horse Power

#10. Bird Bath

#11. Relatable

#12. Submit your soul

#13. Surprise

His webcomic is worth checking out if you’re a fan of his comics humor and style. His comics depict everyday events, but the endings take exciting and unexpected turns, leaving us wondering what will happen next. They always keep us surprised. If you want to enjoy more of his comics, feel free to click here and here.

#14. Hide Drugs

#15. Hang out

#16. god like powers

#17. Nice Picture

#18. Own Decisions

#19. Baked

#20. Just Left

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